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Spectranet Limited
Spectranet Limited Spectranet Limited

Managing Your Account Made Easy!!

Simply select….

REFILL ACCOUNT if you want to add funds (current plan value) to your account for auto-renewal on expiry date


RENEW ACCOUNT if you want to immediately renew your account (New Expiry Date Will Be Assigned)


Change To Plan of your choice by selecting CHANGE TO: followed by your Region and Plan in the dropdown (New Expiry Date Will Be Assigned; Data Rollover Restricted)

ABJ = Abuja; IBD = Ibadan; LAG = Lagos; PHC = Port Harcourt


1. Click Drop Down On Left & Select An Action 2. Enter USER ID, Email Address, Phone Number & Click CONTINUE 3. Confirm Information Display & Click PAY. Click BACK if Correction Is Required. 4. Enter Card Details & Confirm Payment Transaction. NOTE:

1. Promotional Data Volume or Cash Back, if applicable, will be added 10 minutes after transaction is completed.

2. New Expiry date becomes effective immediately upon completing RENEW ACCOUNT or CHANGE TO options.

3. Data rollover is restricted upon selection of CHANGE TO option.

Login At https://selfcare.spectranet.com.ng To Manage Your Account


For Support : 07002345678 or care@spectranet.com.ng